Napkin Bows!

Napkin Bows!

We love bows of all kinds; pretty grosgrain bows on fancy and simple packages, colourful ribbon bows in little girls’ hair, and the modern take of a bow on one’s lapel to support an important cause. Bows are used for a wide array of reasons and are a symbol of love & celebration.

Our favourite bow of all however is the man’s bowtie for extra-special ‘white tie affairs‘ and is what we named our company,White Bow Events, after. Strong, elegant and classic.

We recently hosted an event where we used cloth napkins to recreate the bowtie on each guest’s place-setting. Simple in four easy steps and a little extra elegant touch!

Here is a step-by-step DIY on how to do your own napkin bow for your next dinner party:

1. Spread a dinner napkin out, lying it flat on a clean table surface.

2. Fold opposite sides of the napkin in so they meet at the center. Then fold again at the center to form a ribbonlike shape.

3. Next, fold short ends in so they meet at the center.

4. Cinch in the middle with a ribbon in a coordinating color (we used white grosgrain ribbon and a white cloth napkin) and glue it at the back.

Enjoy! xo

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